Research Projects 


Research collaborator,

of the European Research Council (ERC) in Brussels, in the history project «Open Jerusalem -Opening Jerusalem Archives: for a connected history of “Citadinite” in the Holy City (1840-1940)».


Research fellow,

of the Honor Frost Foundation, U.K. in the oral history project «Soundings: The Frost interview project». Responsible for interviewing maritime archaeologists in Greece and Egypt for the H.F.F. Oral History Archive.



“The anthropologist as curator: using an exhibition as a method to explore issues of memory and identity in a Greek diaspora community in Egypt”.

Paper presented at the 15th International (virtual) Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences in Athens, Greece. Co-convenor of the Virtual Panel Discussion “Greek Diaspora Heritage”. 



“Boundaries and margins: the creation of the golden cage”.

Paper presented at the IUAES Inter- Congress “World Solidarities” in Poznan, Poland. Co-convenor of the panel “Her- story in visual anthropology of the Middle East: Women’s narratives of historical events”.


“Alexandria: images of a city”.

Paper presented at the Second International Conference of Oral History, Athens


“Exile from the city: narrative, image and identity of loss amongst Greek Alexandrians”.

Paper presented at the XVI International Oral History Conference Between Past and Future, Prague 


“Out of Alexandria: memories and narratives of displacement”.

Paper presented at the Oral History Association’s Annual Meeting, Atlanta-Georgia


«Recording oral history: memories of Alexandrians».

In the International Scientific Meeting entitled

“The Greek flight from Egypt” (organized by the Association for the Study of Hellenic Diaspora), Athens



“Visual representation of memory, identity, and space among the Greek community of Alexandria (Egypt)”,

Greek Society of Ethnology, Athens



“Visualizing the history of the Greek Community of Alexandria”,

at the Consulate General of Greece in Alexandria, during the Alexandrian Heritage Days Festival


“Alexandrian Greeks”.

A lecture followed by the screening of the documentary film: «Egypt the other homeland», Hellenic Centre in London



«Alexandria remembers...»

in the Cultural Centre of the Egyptian Embassy in Athens 

Selected Publications 


Chrysocheris, E. (2019).

«Boundaries and Margins: the creation of the golden cage»,

Anthropology of the Middle East (special issue on Visual Anthropology in the Middle East), vol 14, issue 1, pp 22-43, Berghahn Books.



Chrysocheris, I. (2008).

«Recording oral history: memories of Alexandrians»,

Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, special edition


Chryssoheris, I. (1996).

«Anastenaria: A Tradition Contested»

in Karpodini- Dimitriadi (ed) Ethnography of European Traditional Cultures, Athens, pp 357-364.


Historical Researcher,

in the Euro-Med Heritage Programme «Mediterranean Voices: Oral History and Cultural Practices in the Mediterranean Cities», Alex-Med, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt. The purpose of the program was to create an oral history audiovisual database to provide a panorama of life in the Mediterranean. Bibliotheca Alexandrina focused its research on the city's 20th century cosmopolitan character. I participated with the responsibility to conduct interviews with the last remaining Greeks of the city, and with the Greeks from Alexandria who left Egypt after the 60s to reside in Greece.



Τeaching art and anthropology

2006-07 / 2014-16

Courses in History and Anthropology of Art in Museums in Athens,

The Benaki Museum’s Historical Archives (2006-2007), Herakleidon Museum (2014-2015) and B&M Theoharakis Foundation for the fine arts & music (2014-2016)



Courses in History of Art,

Mikro Polytexneio Art Centre, Athens 



Visitor lecturer of Maritime Ethnography,

Alexandria Centre for Maritime Archaeology and Underwater Cultural Heritage, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University (in English) 



Guest lecturer of Greek Modern Art,

Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University



Courses in History of Art,

Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, “IEK Petra”, Athens



Courses in History of Art and Visual Arts,

Vocational Training Institutes, Athens

Art Workshops


“The essence of time in visual arts”.

An art workshop for adults. European Heritage days, at Herakleidon Museum in Athens. 



“Art provides peace”.

An art workshop for children in collaboration with Caritas Hellas and the participation of refugee children from Syria. International Museum Day, at Herakleidon Museum in Athens. 


Multimedia Projects


Created a multimedia archive based on the photography exhibition

“Greek Alexandrians: a voyage in time...”.