Horizon 2020: Cleaning up the Mediterranean,


Documentary film (50min) for the European Commission’s program “Horizon 2020”. 

Research and script: Eirini Chrysocheri, Nikolas Zirganos.

Final script: Eleni Gioti. Director: Alexis Barzos. Production: “Small Planet”, Greece 

Walking the City,


A short experimental film (10min) based on anthropological fieldwork conducted in the Greek community of Alexandria in Egypt. Students of the Greek school were asked to shoot with a video camera an everyday walk in the city. Their whereabouts reveal the spatial and social boundaries of the community. 

Director: Eirini Chrysocheri.

Editor: Anna Prokou.

Hunting scenes,


Short documentary film (10 min) on the hunting tradition of the Greeks of Alexandria in Egypt. The film is made entirely out of archival material. 

Director: Eirini Chrysocheri.

Editor: Anna Prokou.

Egypt, the other homeland,


Documentary film (50min). A “small Planet” production for Al Jazeera Documentary Channel (in Arabic/ 2011) and Al Jazeera World (in English/ 2012) 

Historical researcher: Eirini Chrysocheri.

Director: George Avgeropoulos.

Script: Nikolas Zirganos.


A “small Planet” production for Al Jazeera Documentary Channel (in Arabic/ 2011) and Al Jazeera World (in English/ 2012). 

“Egypt, the Other Homeland” witnesses the return, years later, of certain Greeks of Egypt back to the land where they were born and raised. They visit their parent’s home, the family business, their old neighborhood; they search the old Egyptian friends that they left behind. “Egypt, the Other Homeland” will follow them on their journey back in time and space and will trace the old links between the two people, which spread from ancient times until today. Through their personal voyage, as well as through the interviews of eminent Greek and Egyptian specialists, unfolds the story of a numerous community which controlled 80% of Egypt’s financial life at the beginning of the 20th century, founded the first bank, created the first theatres and cinemas and produced the first wines and cigarettes. 

(source: https://www.smallplanet.gr/en/films/egypt-the-other-homeland/)

Memories of Alexandrians,


Short documentary film (17min) on the life histories of the Greeks who lived in Alexandria during the 20th century and left the country in the late 50s and 60s. The film is consisted of selected excerpts from interviews, photographs and old family movies from the personal archives of the interviewees. It was screened in Athens, at the International Scientific Meeting “The Greek flight from Egypt” organized by the Association for the Study of Hellenic Diaspora.

Director: Eirini Chryssoheri.

Editor: Anna Prokou. 

Toma Uno
(Take one),


Short documentary film (10min). In Cuba, a rationing system is in use for the controlled distribution of bread among locals and for keeping its price low. By filming Cubans in a bakery shop in Havana the film looks at how people deal with a system that decides for everyone’s “fair” share in bread (in Spanish). The film was screened at the second UCL Festival of the Moving Image (UCLFMI) in London, 2008.


Directors: Eirini Chryssoheri, Alexandra Wachter and Madli Laane.

A production of the International Film and Television School of Cuba (EICTV).

Silent machines,


A documentary film on the Industrial Archaeology in Greece.


Director: Retzis Thanassis.

Local researcher for Lesvos Island: Eirini Chrysocheri. 

silent machines.png