Spatial Magnitude,



Curator/ Group Photography Exhibition.

Art space/gallery Anamesa, Athens


Participants: Michalis Adrianos, Katerina Dosi, Takis Katris, Sotiris Kouvopoulos, Dimitris Kourtidis, Nikos Livathinos, Marinos Milionis, Mara Papavasileiou, Maria Paulaki, Ilianna Pessari, Dimitris Rapakousis, Stamatis Tsimbidis

How much space does «a thing» occupy in space? What is it’s spatial magnitude? The artists seek to reveal and illustrate, through their lenses, the space humans occupy in the contemporary world and the ways they relate to it.

The creators do not perceive humans as dominating subjects of the urban scenery surrounding them. Humans are not the centre of this scenery and cannot impose themselves to it. On the contrary, space acquires its own substance, communicating with them, implying and connoting them. 

Each artist’s encounter with urban scenery is personal. Lonely corners, deserted buildings or vast expanses in the middle of nowhere. Human presence usually implied only on the background. These images offer different views. We can see in them a detail, a metaphor or a short story. These are images with a narrative character, encompassing every human presence in space. 

Curator: Eirini Chryssocheri